Sunday, May 26, 2013

Celebration of Paul Schandel's Life

On May 20th, a celebration of life ceremony was held for Paul Schandel, son of Donald and Paula Schandel, brother of Leesa and Celeste, father of Devon and Cameron, beloved of many.  Uncles and aunts, as well as friends, traveled far to attend the service.

Rhonda Funk, Paul's cousin, began things by playing the keyboard and singing "You Are My Sunshine."    Leesa, Paul's sister, recalled her brother as a three-year-old strumming his toy ukulele while singing along to this song with his grandmother in her kitchen.

Family and friends gathered many, many photographs to create a remembrance table of Paul's life.


Other photos were strung in the trees and used as part of the centerpeices.


Besides being a passionate Harley rider, Paul loved the Boston Bruins.  His niece, Zoe, presented a reading of our dear her uncle was to her ... and family and friends shared their memories.

And Paul loved to BBQ  So that was the food of the evening.

Here is Leesa and her husband, Josh, enjoying the fine fare.  It was messy ... and yummy.  (I was honored to officiate at their wedding!)  So good to see happy couples years after their wedding day.

All were profoundly grateful that Paul touched their lives -- what better a tribute is there.  His memory will live on through each and every person there.

Kent and I are thankful to be a part of people's lives:  the happy moments (weddings and baby blessing) and the celebrations of life lived.  All touch us in unique ways.  I got to know Paul vicariously and am glad to have had the experience.  Prayers and blessings to his family and friends.

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