Saturday, April 6, 2013

Parents Gift the Bride & Groom During Their Wedding Ceremony

Erin and Steffany at the Woodmark Hotel - Photo by Patricia Stimac, A Heavenly Ceremony
Erin and Steffany

Today was a very special wedding.  During John and Erin's ceremony at the Woodmark Hotel, both sets of parents presented the bride and groom with a present.  

One of Erin's moms, Steffany Raynes, read a poem she wrote especially for the couple.  It is lovely and, with her approval, I wanted to share it with you.

Tending Your Relationship

Find a place with fresh air
Breathe in; breathe out.

Savor the beauty, goodness, and
Waiting inside each of you.

Create a secret language
To use in emergencies
When words fail.

Design rituals that reconnect you
And welcome you home
From life’s maze of activity.

Touch the worry line beside his eyes
As if you were seeing him for the very first time;

Listen beneath the words
Until you can hear and
See the young girl whose heart is breaking.

Cultivate joy;
Trust what makes you laugh
Let go of assumptions
Explore new territory
With gentle curiosity.

Allow your relationship to nourish and
Open you to the
Best possible version of yourselves.

Celebrate the miracle of finding and loving each other
Every day
Over and over
Again, and again!

John's parents present Erin and him with an NIV Bible - Photo by Patricia Stimac, A Heavenly Ceremony
Marion and Dave, John's folks

During the ceremony, John's mom, Marion, read two passages from The Bible and then presented a special edition of the NIV Bible to the the couple.

NIV Bible as a wedding gift - Photo by Patricia Stimac, A Heavenly Ceremony
"Marry Me" edition of NIV Bible

I loved how it all worked out.  What a great way to launch Erin and John in their journey together as a married couple!  Adding my wishes to those of their families and friends.

Looking for ways to include your parents in your wedding ceremony, we have tons of ideas.  Give us a call at 206-789-9788 or through our website.

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