Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fall Wedding Planned for Alex and Amanda

Photo by Jeremy Leffel
Congratulations to Amanda and Alex!  They will wed at the Yacht Club on Lake Union in September.  They have a very sweet and simple engagement story.

One October weekend, the two headed out for a day hike.  It was the last nice weekend of autumn and they needed some good memories to take them through the upcoming Seattle winter.   So they decided to trek up to Twin Falls ... just a quick little morning hike.

After arriving at the Falls, they found a nice place to sit and to eat granola bars (evidently Amanda was hungry, which is a common occurrence).  There the two sat on a log, surrounded by forest, sun shining down, chipmunks in attack mode.  And, there, Alex professed his love.  Amanda, despite a mouth full of granola bar, said, "Yes!"

Looking forward to co-creating the perfect ceremony for Amanda and Alex.  It is going to be so much fun.  

And feeling honored to be working with Valley & Co plus Jeremy Leffel.

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