Thursday, March 28, 2013

Travis and Victoria to Wed in a Garden Ceremony

Kent Buttars, Seattle Wedding Officiant, will officate for Victoria and Travis in August

This photo was taken during the Seattle Snowstorm of 2012 in Travis's parent's yard, which is where the wedding will take place in August.  Much sunnier photos will follow at that time.

Now, Victoria is a woman with passions dear to my heart -- Voodoo doughnuts.

OK ... what does that have to do with anything?  Well, Victoria and Travis along with three other couples traveled to Tumalo Falls, Oregon, over Labor Day weekend 2012.  They stopped for doughnuts in Portland along the way, naturally.  What is amazing about the story is that those three couples had all married on Labor Day weekend.  Can you believe that?  So it was an anniversary weekend for six of the eight people on the trip.  It was about to become a very special anniversary for Victoria and Travis as well.

With the help of all the others (their friends really know how to keep a secret), Travis got a ring,bought a bottle of Prosecco and enlisted one of their friends to bring along a camera.  The perfect spot was found. Travis guided Victoria to a scenic viewpoint, got down on one knee, held her hand and asked her to marry him. 

he response was sealed with a kiss.  As described on their wedding website: Mission accomplished, Operation Proposal complete! 

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