Sunday, September 23, 2012

Details Make The Wedding - Danny & Lucia Make It A Personal Expression

Sahalee Country Club Patio

ucia and Danny wed at the Sahalee Country Club over the weekend.  It was an amazing ceremony and celebration, with so much of their personalities shining through.  Since I was officiating, I don't have many photos of the couple.  Lucas Mobley will provide those in the near future.  Looking forward to seeing them!

Here is where the ceremony took place.  Yes, the color theme was purple.  The garland of hearts strung across the  chairs was crafted just for this purpose.  Isn't it adorable?
As part of the ceremony, there was the blessing of wine.  The kiddish cups were from Danny's family and the wine was crafted by Lucia's family.

Lucia decided to have Mehndi designs on her hands and on her legs.  They weren't obvious yet they made the day even more special.
Aren't her shoes great too?
And purple nail polish, of course!
Mark and Marjorie pointed out the cupids
Before the ceremony, I admired the tablecloth.  Lucia's father, Mark, explained that it had been in the Haggin family for three generations.  It was used at Lucia's grandmother's wedding, his wedding and now his daughter's wedding.

The cut embroidery work was done by hand in Italy.  Here you can see one of the cupids who are part of the overall design.
Loving fabric art, I was impressed by the Keeping Quilt that family and friends united to create under the leadership of Claudia, Lucia's mother.  It was crafted of bits of cloth and pieces of lace gathered of Lucia and Danny's relatives.  It includes Chinese silk, white gloves, tatting, doilies and fabric from cherished toys, as well as materials from both mothers' wedding gowns.  During the ceremony it was part of the chuppah.  Afterwards, it was on display at the reception. 

The detail work and variety of textures and design are lovely.  The bride and groom will certainly treasure this gift.

  Here's Claudia with one of her dear friends, Cathy, who helped create Lucia and Danny's quilt.  (We shared a table at the reception with Cathy and her family.  They are wonderful company!)

Wishing Danny and Lucia, childhood sweethearts and now married couple, a lifetime of happiness together!
Danny is the owner of WA Sound and his company provided the DJ services and the photo booth (always fun).  Other members of their wedding team included:
Kelly Stevenson, Weddings by KLS
Countryside Floral
Lucas Mobley Photography
And, of course, Colleen Todd and the staff at the Sahalee Country Club

If you are planning your ceremony and would like your personalities to be genuinely exrpessed through both the words and the rituals, contact us at 206-789-9788 or through our website:

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Lucia Cote said...

We are so thankful that you were part of our special day. Thank you for being so personable, caring, and patient with all of our guests and bridal party. We are so happy to be husband and wife and greatly appreciate your support in getting us there!

Lucia & Danny