Sunday, September 30, 2012

11 Days to Vote for A Heavenly Ceremony as Best Officiant in Western Washington, the King 5 Poll

11 days to go in The Best Officiant of Western Washington Poll. Yes, yes, yes … please be one of those 200+ who will vote for us and receive our gratitude and thanks and appreciation and all the good thoughts we can possibly think of!

Marriage Tip of Day 11.  Laugh together and enjoy each others' sense of humor.

According to Kent, one of the best parts of our days together is when we laugh together.  I agree.  It is a wonderful gift. It reduces stress, lifts your spirits, makes your brain happy and improves your health.

Look for the humor in your day, share something funny, think of situation you both experienced that had you in stitches, watch a comedy together …

If you can laugh at yourselves or at your situation, things seem sunnier and there is more hope and happiness in life.

OK, we are smiling and chuckling, thinking how delighted we are that you are casting your vote for us now!  What a pleasant thought!!

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