Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 14 in the King 5 Best Officiant Poll - Teamwork in Marriage

Photo by Cher

My grandfather used to say that a good marriage was as valuable as a well matched pair of draft horses!  (No, when I knew my grandfather, he didn’t live on a farm – rather, in the same small town as I did – but he was a gardener and grew up on a vineyard in Italy so he probably knew what he was talking about.) 
His reasoning was that the two horses were a great team:  they could effectively pull in the same direction because they were matched in their personalities, they had similar yet not identical strengths and were able to make up for each others' weaknesses, they were familiar with each other’s habits and understood what needed to happen with each step they took, they were with each other every day of their lives and were life companions, they could cooperate with each other to meet a common goal.  

OK … people aren’t horses yoked together … but that analogy has some folk wisdom in it.  When getting together and planning the wording of the ceremony with the brides and grooms, one of my favorite statements is when couples describe themselves as great teams.  It always makes me smile and know it is a couple whose marriage will likely be healthy and happy and successful in all ways.

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