Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bryan and Kari Discovered Bhy Kracke Park is a Queen Anne Hidden Treasure for Celebrating A Wedding Ceremony

Bhy Kracke offers great views --
plus it is conveniently located.

Kent and I had the distinct pleasure of meeting two wonderful mothers - Bryan's mother and Kari's mother - at the Seattle Wedding Expo.  We enjoyed each other's company.  Since our booth was right next to the dresses, we had great fun watching the young ladies find their perfect dress.

The park is tucked into a quiet neighborhood and looks out over Lake Union.  Kari and Bryan had the chance to share their vows on a perfect summer day.

Kari and Bryan gave roses to their mothers as a gesture of appreciation.

The park is perfectly situated for a late afternoon wedding.  The guests appreciate the shade.

Kari and Bryan's choice of a wedding site also offered photo opportunities at nearby Kerry Park, with spectacular views of downtown Seattle.

Is there anyone happier than newlyweds?
Just look at the smiles on Mr. and Mrs!


Then, on to the Blue Ribbon Cooking School for signing the marriage certificate.


Yup, they're married and they have the papers to prove it!

How many people can fit into the 321 Foto Booth?  Lots!

Good food, good friends, good fun!  Everyone enjoyed themselves.

The couple cut their cake ... and then "cut a rug."  The celebration continued.

Wishing Kari and Bryan the absolute greatest marriage and years of happiness.

Wedding professionals who helped make the day included:
Blue Ribbon Cooking School 
Bhy Kracke Park 
Niki Desautels of NJD Photography
321 Foto

What I remember best about Kari and Bryan is how much joy they shared.  If you would like to celebrate your marriage with a ceremony that is filled with the happiness you have found, please give us a call at 206.789.9788 or contact us through our website


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