Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ryan and Natalie's Wedding at Hidden Meadows

The day was amazing!!! March was in its "lamb" phase ... to the delight of everyone, especially the couple, Natalie and Ryan.

Here are their words:

THANK YOU! We are so pleased with absolutely everything! It's amazing how you plan for the day months in advance with the hope that it will turn out. In our case, it did!  Thank you Pat. You are amazing and we enjoyed every minute of working with you.

Ryan and Natalie had decided to enroll in our premarital preparation, which was a good experience and gave us an opportunity to learn about each other before we began planning for their ceremony. I was just so happy for them!

Family and friends happily gathered at Hidden Meadows to witness and celebrate their wedding vows. The hall was festive and filled to capacity, the words crafted with care to reflect them, the music inspired.

Flowers were laid precisely for the bride, with great care and attention.

The anticipation of Natalie actually walking down the aisle with her father was irrepressible.

Tears of joy and words of love were expressed as the rings were exchanged and the vows were sealed.

Then, it was time to relax and celebrate. Guests made their way to the reception hall and the wedding party stayed together, more photographs were taken and all shared the joy of the moment.

Ryan and Natalie had a chance to just be together and take in the moment before the wedding party formally entered the reception.

t the end of the evening, guests gathered, sparklers in hand, to see the couple off.

A sweet end to a wonderful day!

Thanks to all the professionals who made this a day of magic for Natalie and Ryan:

Kruse Portraits
Hidden Meadows
Brown's Catering
Otto-matic Mobile Music

If you are interested in premarital preparation, learn more at our website.

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