Friday, March 19, 2010

Bill & Martha Wed on St. Patrick's Day in Downtown Seattle!

What a fun, engaging,thoughtful, playful, imaginative wedding! Kent and I felt so tickled to be included. (OK, St. Pat's is a special day for me too ... even if I'm not Irish born.)

Martha wanted an outdoor wedding. Waking up to raindrops, my heart was sad. But, having the perspective that rain or shine the wedding would outside, we set up on the rooftop and hoped for the best. By 3:17pm, it was dazzling!

So many people contributed to the celebration. Martha's father, Bob, cooked a pre-ceremony lunch of corned beef and cabbage. Yummy!

Martha wore a vintage Kelly-green jacket, over a white dress that Bill had bought for her during their courtship, topped by a fur family members in Florida sent her. Everyone in the family pitched in to make it a very special day.

A ceremony tailored specifically for this holiday was crafted. Heartfelt vows were exchanged. Joy filled everyone's hearts.

What is more fitting for a unity celebration than creating a "Black Velvet," Guinness and champagne. (I was a bit skeptical about the taste, never having tasted one ... one taste and I was sold!)

It was the people who made the wedding special. So many relatives and friends traveled to witness and celebrate the day. Jeremy and Marie, the witnesses, came from California to toast the couple. Others from Massachusetts and just about every where. Friendships developed quickly and all had a great time!!

Tulips and kisses under an umbrella (yes, they were prepared just in case of rain) brought the ceremony part of the afternoon to a close.

A very good day, a very good wedding, a very wonderful couple! Our best to you!!!

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