Sunday, May 2, 2010

Andrew and Natthacha's Wedding Ceremony at the Seattle Asian Art Museum

It is an absolutely spectacular spring day!  A perfect day for a wedding ceremony. 

Natthacha is framed by the blooms of spring.
Andrew and Natthacha decided to be traditional and didn't see each other before the ceremony.  The bride was beautiful in her wedding dress.

 The central hall of the Asian Art Museum is a striking site to celebrate a wedding ceremony.

Surrounded by the stone walls of the museum and the artwork, Andrew and Natthacha exchange their wedding vows.  It was a heartfelt ceremony with a blending of wine as their unity celebration.
Formal wedding photographs were taken on the entrance stairs of the museum. 

Everyone gathered after to extend their best wishes to the couple and to take photos.

Barry, Natthacha's son, carried "Garfield" as the wedding mascot.  This brought out smiles from everyone.

Hand-in-hand the newly weds venture forth!  Bright skies are ahead. 

Wedding professionals contributing to Natthacha and Andrew's wedding ceremony included:

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