Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Monty and Sally's Wedding at the Skansonia Ferry

Weddings are happy occasions: everyone dressed in their party best, gathered in a great setting (in this case, the Skansonia Ferry), good food, good music, good company ... and two people totally in love. No wonder everyone is in a good mood!

The weather was perfect on Sally and Monty's wedding day! A gentle breeze, sunshine aplenty, water all around and Seattle downtown as the backdrop. (Kent and I lived aboard a sailboat for a number of years ... and love being around water.)

When Sally and Monty exchanged their vows and their rings, all eyes and ears were attuned to them.

The happy couple exited to the cheers of their guests.

From there they made their way to the second floor of the ferry where they had a moment to take in all their emotions. (This is such a good thing to do -- to just decompress and be together for a bit of time after your ceremony.)

The couple also were able to have some photos taken of just the two of them ashore.

And when it was time to "shove off," Sally and Monty headed off in style!

Thanks to Sheila Addleman for capturing the day.

We wish Monty and Sally the best in the life together as husband and wife!!!

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miss christine said...

What fun blog and fun wedding on the Skansonia :)
Steve and I use to do weddings there all the time, in the olden days.
After 25 years in the rain, we left Seattle (about 4 years ago) to start Elope San Diego, and love it! We have a small boutique style elopement service on the beach. Funny, because we honeymooned here over 20 years ago and are so lucky to work on the very same beach, Coronado Beach.
Here is our blog:
keep up the great work! Your blog is beautiful!