Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kevin and Diane Exchange Their Marriage Vows at The Canal

Music is very important to Diane and Kevin. They wanted live performers for their ceremony and invited Laura Roundy and her fellow violinist to play several duets as part of the ceremony.

Kevin's father, Pat, has a deep, rich voice. He has sung at each of his children's weddings. It was very important for Kevin to have his father sing at his wedding as well. The experience meant a lot to Kevin!

Family is very important to the couple. Both the elders and the youngsters had a place in their wedding ceremony.

The couple decided on a candle ceremony and asked six family members to light one candle each, symbolizing the principles Kevin and Diane wanted their marriage to rest upon: unity, self-determination, mutual responsibility, connection, purpose and creativity.

Then, Diane and Kevin lit the last candle to signify their faith: a faith in themselves and their relationship, a faith that brought them to wed and will see them through all that is to come.
Thanks to Kelly and Robert of Gash Photography.

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