Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Pig is the Place - Pike Place, That Is!

Elden and Beth are city folk so what better place to wed. Transported by classic car to the heart of the Market, then nestled against the famous Pig, they exchanged vows of abiding love.

Loved the details of the wedding: Eldon's shoes were his father's, the cane, morning coat and gloves went together so well with the top hat. Beth's dress was a vivd crimson - the color of love - and her veil a mix of tradition with an edge.

With all the action of the Market, the "fish guys" definitely needed to be part of the celebration. They even hefted a salmon or two over the wedding party. I'm sure this must bestow certain well wishes on the couple.

Smiles all around ... and then down the stairs to Post Alley. Love those cobblestones!

Next, off to the gum wall.

The ever-prepared Jaime and Michael Foster of Boojazz Studios brought along the gum, of course. Bubbles everywhere, with wads of it spelling "joy."

Yes, amid the hustle and bustle of the Emerald City, love exists and thrives.

And, of course, proof of that is the memorable kiss to seal the deal ... a deal to last a life time!

Best wishes Beth and Elden.

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