Thursday, February 26, 2009

Liviya Loves Colin, Colin Loves Liviya!

What a great couple! What a great wedding! Colin, the writer, and Livi, the artist/doctor-to-be, created a warm, funny, interactive evening for all the guests. It was a clear but cool day -- so it was good to snuggle up a bit.
There were children everywhere: the "feather girls" adorable in their dresses and "ring bear" stealing the ceremony. Guests from throughout Cascadia and across the seas arrived in celebatory humor. Musicians were numerous (check out Young Galaxy) ... snowboarders were not. Hey, there's still white on the slopes.

Colin described Livi as a beautiful bird sitting in a tree with a tiny latte enjoying the world, which made so much more sense when I saw the decor: tree branches decorated with birds brought the room to life, centerpieces composed of slices of tree trunks with smaller branches and hand-made flower decorations, bird nests filled with feathers for the "girls" and a bird nest with the rings nestled in it, cupcakes with tree decorations and two itsy-bitsy birds, cookies for favors made by each of the mom and decorated with artwork - a bird- created by Livi.

So hard to choose which one to carry!
A photo station was set up by the photographer: Anastasia Chomlack. Everyone received a guest book page to fill out and then had their playful photo taken to be attached to it. Meanwhile the younger ones had their own special room and activities to participate in.

uch happiness and joy! A very good beginning to wedded life.

Colin and Liviya's wedding also is posted on the ESPN blog.

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