Saturday, December 6, 2008

Garden Wedding Elan

Margo and Clayton decided to celebrate their wedding in an amazing private garden. Every aspect of the afternoon and evening was a blend of elegant and "green." For example, the groom painted a number of signs that lent an air of the rustic to this posh union. While the bride grew a flat of grass on which the place cards where displayed. The chairs for the ceremony looked hand made from tree boughs.

The ceremony itself took place in a wooded glen. The trees created a natural bower that created a sense of intimacy. The space seemed to be magic: filled with an aliveness that reflected the love Clayton and Margo share. Gardening is a perfect simile for marriage. So it was fun to use words about cultivating a good marriage is like two people tending a healthy garden. Speaking of gardening as a continuous process, changing with each season and evolving through the years. The garden being launched with great vision and bright enthusiasm. It, like marriage, invites the gardeners to work in harmony with one another and for them to use the right tools, to seek out and husband gardening wisdom, and to engage with a willing spirit.

Clayton and Margo shared traditional vows and every heart who heard them was opened. They are a couple who are obviously in love ... you could see it in their eyes. To symbolize their unity, they combined bouquets their mothers presented at the beginning of the ceremony.

It was a true joy to shower the couple with handfuls of rose petals as they exited as a married couple!

The night was filled with music and merriment, as the wedding celebration continued under a magnificent tent. Adam Tiegs kept everyone in good spirits and up on the dance floor.
And if you were feeling a bit chilly, you could always sidle up to the firepit and join in the conversations there. It was a night of romance, of warmth, of beauty ... a wedding celebrated in the embrace of the natural world.

Many thanks to Derek Pearson Photography and hats off to the planning and guidance provided by Michelle Engvall of Married and More with Michelle.

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