Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wearing the Tartan -- Sealing the Vows

For years, Kent and I walked past The Ruins on our way to ballroom dance lessons at the Seattle Center. We heard the music and sounds of merriment and saw the fronds of plants emerging from interior to soften the austere exterior. What curious and mysterious nightspot is this?

Then, we officiated our first wedding there (and many more since) and had the pleasure of seeing the inside of this enchanted place. The bold colors and the whimiscal decorations made it a visual pleasure and the food a gastronomical one.

Most recently, Kent officiated for Michael and Tracy at The Ruins. It was an intimate and wonderful occasion. The bride and groom decided to honor Michael's Scottish background. Michael was handsome in his Prince Charlie jacket and Tracy was a beautiful bride, wearing Michael's tartan over her wedding gown. Together, they were a striking couple.

All the guests and Kent were invited to wear clan colors as well. Michael and Tracy graciously provided Kent with his family's tartan: Murray of Atholl. The colors not only brighted the night, they reflected the connections being strengthened by the marriage.

In fashioning the wording for their wedding ceremony, Tracy and Michael included several classic readings: an excerpt from "Marriage of True Minds" by William Shakespeare " presented by a family member. Then Michael shared "There Be None of Beauty's Daughters" by Lord Byron with Tracy and Tracy followed with "How do I Love Thee" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

The happiness and warmth of the family filled the room. What a wonderful way to begin married life together!

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