Sunday, December 7, 2008

Andrew & Maia's Wedding At Kiana Lodge

Kent was honored to officiate at Maia and Andrew's wedding ... an amazing and gracious couple who created a memorable day for their families and friends. Since many of the guests were from outside Seattle, the couple wanted to create a true Pacific Northwest experience.

To begin with, they arranged for an Argosy ship to transport us directly from the Seattle waterfront to the Kiana Lodge dock. What a treat ... it was a most enjoyable journey!

Kiana is beautiful ... and this day we were especially lucky. Just before the ceremony, an eagle flew by. How good an omen is that.

The ceremony itself took place on the lawn. Maia made a grand entrance handsomely escorted by her brothers.

Andrew and Maia wanted a personal ceremony and were quite keen to share what they appreciated about each other. We talked with them individually as part of the planning process in order to keep their thoughts a secret. You can hear a video clip of this part of ceremony, thanks to Gary Burlingame!

Being very fond of their cat, who wasn't able to attend the ceremony, Maia and Andrew were delighted when the resident feline graced their ceremony. Although their kitty wasn't actually there, her spirit definitely was in the form of her fellow cat cousin, Pish Pish. Doug Plummer captured the moment perfectly.

All in all a very good day ... a day to celebrate a love of a life time!

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