Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Wedding in Three Acts - Onstage at the Carco Theater

One of the questions we hear the most is "how can we have a wedding ceremony that is a little different, something that isn't the same as the other wedding ceremonies we've been to, something that our friends and families will remember and that is meaningful."

And we reply: "Yes, yes, yes!"

Each of the ceremonies we help create is unique. Here are just a few examples of what is possible. Mark and Lisa are creative to the max. They share a love of theater and music and art, and they wanted their ceremony to reflect their interests and life experiences. So they chose the Carco Theater in Renton for their ceremony. It is where their love blossomed as they rehearsed and performed in the theater. And, of course, a dear friend and Lisa's fellow dancer choreographed and danced as a prelude to their sharing of their wedding vows.

The wedding ceremony programs were a created by Mark. He made the graphic above and put together a program with additional graphics of their courtship. Music was provided by a very talented cousin who is a pianist and a close friend who is a singer.

And the ceremony included a number of traditional Filipino elements reflecting their heritage. The coup de gras was personal vows. Wow! It was a ceremony to remember.

Family is extremely important to Lisa and Mark so it was important to gather and photograph each side. To do so, Paul Isop of Studio 6 brought out his extremely tall ladder and took his life in his hands as he scaled it and took a few pics.

For more information about how your ceremony can be truly yours, please check out the co-creative process we use at http://aheavenlyceremony.com/ceremony-services-weddings.htm.

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