Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kent's Tartan - New for 2009!

A number of years ago we traveled to Scotland in search of Kent's ancestors. And I came to understand my husband a bit more. He was so at home amid the heather and heath, the winds and the hillocks, the bareness and the bleakness. Enough of that. The point is we enjoyed it and coveted a kilt.

Yesterday, we actually made that dream become more of a reality. We visited North Channel Kilts in Ballard and ordered the complete outfit. They say that Scotsmen have sexy knees ... you'll have to judge for yourself. And we're not going into if he will be "wearing them properly."

Kent chose an black Argyll jacket with vest, a black sporran, and tartan flashes for his socks. The tartan is the Murray of Atholl Ancient. One of the many tartans he is "qualified" to wear. I really like the touch of aqua in the design and can't wait to see the final product. So those of you that are planning a Celtic wedding, Kent now has the duds.

As soon Kent's tartan arrives, you'll be seeing photos on our website:!

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