Thursday, June 19, 2014

Investment in Planning a Personal Wedding Ceremony is Worth the Effort!

We love our ceremony ... and we really enjoyed putting it together.  I'm glad we took this time to really work on it and talk through it and use it to discuss our intentions for marriage, as well as for the rest of the wedding. 


Just received this email from Eddie and Nicole this afternoon. It was a pleasure to hear these words.

Kent and I truly would like the words we speak at a couple's wedding ceremony to be words that reflect them, that inspire, that offer hope, that celebrate their good fortune.  I'm smiling as I write this because a ceremony is such a special moment and it always makes us happy!

If you are planning your ceremony and would like to engage in a co-creative, thoughtful and meaningful process to arrive at wording that is just right for the two of you, give us a call at 206.789.9788 or contact us through our website.

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