Thursday, March 6, 2014

Melissa: Bride ... and Artist!

 Last night I officiated for a wonderful, creative couple - Jeremy and Melissa - at EM Fine Art Gallery.  

(When the photographer's photos return, there will be so much to share with you.  The ceiling was decorated with over 40 white umbrellas of various styles and fabrics, the backdrop for the ceremony and the reception was a water jet cut Seattle skyline, and my favorite:  the portraits Melissa painted of her and Jeremy. )
Melissa has a great "wicked" sense of humor.  All the elements of the portrait just brought a smile to my face.  The grimace, the ring finger, the chalk board where the guests could write their best wishes.  So unique!  So playful!  So stylish! So Melissa!
And, I loved how Jeremy was looking so relaxed and happy.  In his portrait, he only seems to have eyes for Melissa (which is true in real life).  He too has a chalk board.
Love, love, love both of these!   What a great personal touch ... and definitely a conversation starter.

Best wishes for Melissa and Jeremy in their marriage.  I so very happy for the two of them.

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