Sunday, March 9, 2014

Looking for an Easy Way to Make Your Wife (Fiancee/Girlfriend/Any Woman) Happy?

Carol Tuttle, a teacher, speaker, healer and best-selling author of five books wrote a blog post on this very topic.

She wrote that all women want to be paid attention to and to be truly listened to.

Simple enough, right?  Carol explains there is a catch:  a woman knows when her guy is really paying attention and when he isn't.

So even if he looks like he's listening, women intuitively know if they're being tuned out!

Ms. Tuttle also explains that a man who is operating from his masculine core has a stronger tendency to only be able to tune into one thing at a time.

So, men, when your wife/fiancee/girlfriend wants to talk with you, you must decide if now is the best time to tune in to her.  Ask yourself, "Can I give her 100% of my attention right now?"

If the answer is no, don't just tune her out or tell her no!

Lovingly tell her you want to give her all your attention--and determine a time (that same day!) that you will be available to do that.

For example, if your woman want to talk to you while you are watching a football game, working on a project or reading the newspaper, if you are already involved in an activity that has your attention, lovingly tell her you want to give her 100% of your attention and decide together when that time will be.

This will make any woman happier than you know.

Thanks, Carol!  Like it!!

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