Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wine Blending Ceremony Using a Wine Aerator!

Wine blending ceremony with a wine aerator - Photo by Marybeth Coghill
Photo by Marybeth Coghill

Kent and I had the pleasure and honor of officiating for our niece, Molly, and her husband, Greg, last July at Pickering Barn.  

The two enjoy wine and decided to celebrate their union with a wine blending ritual.  Now, we've officiated a number of such ceremonies but this was the first using an wine aerator.  Visually, it was wonderful.

Molly selected a cabernet, which was crafted by a long-time family friend, Tom Wiitala.  Greg chose a merlot from Abacela, an award-winning Oregon winery near his parent's hometown, Roseburg.

The two grapes are a very good match and are often used in a blending of wine ceremony.  Each poured their wine into the aerator and then toasted one another with the cabernet/merlot blend.   

Salute to the bride and groom!

(If you are doing a wine blending at your wedding ceremony, remember to test the combination before your big day to make sure you love the taste!)

The aerator was a present from Greg's parents so it was used during the ceremony and will be a part of their life as a married couple.  What a good reminder of a great day!

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