Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Please Vote Yes on 522 - We Have the Right to Know What is In Our Food!

As you are aware the Yes on 522 is the campaign is about labeling genetically engineered in Washington State.  Kent and I really, really, really, really, really what to support this and here's why:

This is an issue that affects me and my relatives in daily life.  I'm fairly allergic to certain foods: when foods are genetically altered (which they already are), I find my body responds in unpleasant ways.  Currently, I have to learn by trial and error, what I can eat, which is unnecessary -- just let me know what in the food and I can choose to eat ... or avoid what I don't want to eat.

Lots of things are already labeled:  we know if food is organic or not (go Team Organic), we know about sodium and sugar levels, natural or artificial flavorings, farmed or wild caught salmon. Now we need to know whether the food is genetically engineered or not.

Please vote "YES!"

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