Friday, October 18, 2013

Eric and Cindy - Two Celebrations for One True Love

Eric and Cindy exchange their wedding vows.  Officiant:  Patricia Stimac, A Heavenly Ceremony.
Eric grew up in the Pacific Northwest and moved to Texas, which is fortunate because that's where he found his true love: Cindy.   

The bride and groom met online and had their first date about two years ago. Eric had recently bought a Chevy Volt and they fell in love at the same time they became "up close and personal" with almost every plug in the metroplex.  (I think that is so cute ... and so environmentally sound.)

The two decided to have their wedding ceremony and one reception at the Barbee Mill Community Center in Renton, and then another reception in Texas.
The community center at Barbee Mill

When they contacted me, I had to look up their wedding venue.  It is quite lovely and perfect for an intimate celebration.  Perfect for them.

The night of the wedding was clear and there was a beautiful sunset.

Wedding ceremony "altar" at Barbee Mill Community Center - Wedding Officiant:  Patricia Stimac, A Heavenly ceremony
Cindy and her twin sister, Lindy, arranged the flowers and completed the other decorations before changing into their ceremony attire.

Meanwhile, Mark, Eric's brother, was preparing the food for the reception.  It all looked absolutely yummny.

Here's the wedding party:  Lindy, Cindy, Eric and Mark.
Cindy and Eric with their wedding party.  Patricia Stimac, A Heavenly Ceremony

Cindy and Eric with their families at their wedding.  Patricia Stimac, A Heavenly Ceremony

And, here's the immediate family!

A very friendly and welcoming group.

Eric and Cindy's wedding cake.  Patricia Stimac, A Heavenly Ceremony

The color theme of the wedding was black and white with a splash or two of red.
Cindy and Eric share their first bite of wedding cake.  Patricia Stimac, A Heavenly Ceremony

Cindy and Eric enjoyed their first bite of cake.

Eric and Cindy are "mint to be!"  Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant

I really liked the "Mint to be" container decorated with paw prints and filled with mints.  (Also enjoyed the Peppermint Pattys.) 

nd here are the doggy dudes that inspired the paw prints
Meet Jaxx and Texx.

Texx and Jaxx are so cute!

Eric and Cindy are happy to be married.  Patricia Stimac, A Heavenly Ceremony

Married and happy ... it was time to return to Texas and their next celebration.

Wishing Cindy and Eric many years of many more celebrations!!!

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