Friday, August 2, 2013

Marriage and Mindfulness --Think of the Possibilities!!!


I was listening to the "Interfaith Amigos" (Pastor Don Mackenzie, Imam Jamal Rahman,and Rabbi Ted Falcon) about mindfulness.  This has been my focus for some time now and it was very inspiring to hear what these three people had to say.  They spent some time talking about mindfulness in relationship.

What I took away from the radio segment was the importance of being in the present.  Not slipping into habit which can lead to a stale quality of being between two people but creating ritual or a way to remain truly present with the person you love. 

Whether you believe in a god or God or no god, I think there are ways to do this.  So today, I experimented in my our life and love.  Whenever something occurred that was difficult, I said "What if I was loving and brought peace and harmony to this situation."

That simple sentence really kept me centered on what was happening.  And often brought a flood of love into my life.  It wasn't easy ... yet I would like to try this again tomorrow.  I really like the idea that what I do, no matter if it is driving my car in a way that brings more love and peace into the world or the way I'm washing a window or writing an email or being welcomed home by Kent, I do with consciousness and mindfulness.

Wow ... just imagine what could be possible in relationship!

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Bipti said...

A great reminder. Jeff and I just celebrated our 6th anniversary (thank you to you and Kent for helping us make the ceremony special). I would say that what you describe is one of the hardest things to do in a marriage. Jeff is wonderful and we both know staying married is hard work! Thanks Pat.