Monday, August 5, 2013

Dima and Rebecca - A Wedding Atop Crystal Mountain!


OK ... Rebecca and Dima have very good taste.  This wonderful couple knows there are few places more stunning than the views from Crystal Mountain.  Their wedding day was a bit overcast in the morning but cleared in time for the ceremony.


We all rode the gondola -- about a 10 minute or so trip -- to the wedding site.  Flowers to decorate the area, along with all the guests made their way up.  

The timing was perfect.  Right after the ceremony ended, there were notifications of a possible thunder storm and everyone was ushered back to the gondola.

The reception was so much fun.  Dima and Rebecca's personalities really shone through.  Dima taught Rebecca to ski so this snowboard "guest book," was just perfect.  The first time I've seen this idea.

The two also are fans of IPAs and brewed their own Hoppity version as favors, along with a glass that read "Eat, Drink and be Married."

Hope to share more photos soon!

Wishing Rebecca and Dima, many years enjoying the slopes, the brews and their love!

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