Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Warm Wedding Vows on a Cool Mountain

Crystal Mountain is truly an incredible place to share "I do's!"  It was the perfect wedding venue for Jason and Kelli.  The two love the mountains, the snow, the tress, the fresh air ... plus it holds many enjoyable memories for them. 

And, now it will remind them of their wedding day!  The two exchanged their first look atop of the mountain.

There were so many places to take photos.  The guys were looking quite dandy in the green vests and green Converses.

The ladies were looking stunning!  And the colors look wonderful.

Together, they were a good-looking group!  (The weather was fairly dry -- the clouds would settle every now and then, creating a romantic look.)

Plus, it was a family event!  The three boys were adorable.

The ceremony and reception took place in a beautifully decorated tent on the patio.

Rich presented one of the readings that spoke of the friendship that Kelli and Jason obviously share.

The bride and groom were very excited to be Mr. and Mrs!

Yup, there was a lot of kissing that day.  It was a joy to see.
The couple shared a sweetheart table --
it seems a very popular idea over the last few years.

Do they look happily married

Wishing Jason and Kelli the very best.

Thanks to Jeff Marsh Studios for all the photos!

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