Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Deception Pass -- What Could be Better for a Wedding CeremonyThan There!

Rebekah and Austin waltz to their own music!
Isn't this a great wall?

There are some weddings that are simply fun --Rebekah and Austin created one of them.

We all gathered -- about 20 or so people -- at their place near Fisherman's Terminal. Folks drove quite a distance to get there.  If I remember correctly, from Denver and other places many miles away.

It was a stunning day:  sunny, warm, clear.  The bride and groom really lucked out.

This is North Beach with views of both
the Sound and the channel.
From there was traveled caravan-style to Deception Pass.  We gathered at the parking lot nearest North Beach and hiked the .7 mile trail to their perfect spot.  Even Grandma made her way there!

The ceremony was unique and included a hand fasting and an exchange of personal vows. 

I look at you today just like any other day, Austin, and I know how perfect you are for me. 

Cuddles are so good!
There is no other person in my life, Rebekah, whom I would rather be with. 
I love you.

The happy couple -- all smiles!
It truly suited the two of them.

Wishing the Mr. and Mrs. the very best in their pursuit of happiness and connection and expression of their creative talents!

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