Monday, November 14, 2011

Rylan's Baby Blessing

Isn't she cute!
In 2009 I was honored to officiate for Chris and Sandy.  Last weekend, I was fortunate to officiate for their daughter's baby blessing.  And a true blessing she is.  Rylan is an adorable child and her family is delighted she is in their lives.

Her parents wanted to have a ceremony to celebrate her arrival in the world, to acknowledge their love and commitment to her, to recognize the support Rylan has from her grandparents and to name her godparents.

We gathered at their home for the blessing.  Rylan was wearing a baptismal dress that has been in Chris's family for several generations.  It was a perfect symbol of Rylan being the reflection of a new generation yet connected to her lineage.

Sandy and Chris selected the wording for the ceremony from some of the sample ceremonies provided.  They wanted Rylan to be anointed with sacred oils and water.  The oil was selected for its qualities of protection and safety.  The water for its sense of tranquility and peacefulness.

Everyone was happy!  Sandy sent me an email with these words:

"Pat created such a meaningful ceremony for our baby blessing- it was unique and very personal.  Our entire family felt included in the celebration. "   
~ Sandy and Chris

Wishing Rylan the very best in her life:  may she be loved as the gift she is and may she experience a long and fulfilling time on earth.  And may Chris and Sandy enjoy every moment with her!

There are many moments in life that are special and that can be celebrated through ceremony.  If there is a particular event you would like to specially recognize and celebrate ... be it the birth of a child, a certain birthday, a life passage or ... give us a call at (206)789-9788 or contact us through our website:

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