Sunday, November 20, 2011

Liz and Ray's Home Wedding

After the ceremony, we made our way outside for a group photo.
There are many reasons I was delighted to meet Ray and Liz.  
First, they are a wonderful couple.  
Second, we live just blocks from each other.  
Third, they are "word" people who were very engaged in creating a ceremony that perfectly fit them.
Fourth, they decided on a "jeans" wedding theme.  
Fifth, they raise chickens (I'm toying with the thought of raising them also).

Since it was a late morning wedding,
some java was appreciated.

The two decided to wed in an intimate ceremony at their home.  So they "spiffed" their place up, invited their family and very close friends over and were married in their living room.  It gave them a chance to enjoy a cup of morning coffee and greet everyone as they arrived. 

It was a sunny, autumn day.  The room was filled with warm light and warm hearts.

Oh, you can't see them very well but we were also wearing handmade socks.  Liz had knit hers and Ray's.  I had made mine.

Mine is on the right.

Here's a close-up.

Everyone ... and every critter was very attentive.

Small touches made the day special.  Liz had a vintage handkerchief in her back pocket.

Two readings were presented:  one by Ray's father, Les ...


and another by their good friend, Adrienne.  Both had strong emotional impact.

What a great way to begin the day ... 
and a great way to begin a life together!

Liz and Ray said - 
We really enjoyed you doing our ceremony. It was a lot of fun! We had compliments from everyone who attended.  All in all, it was a very special day, and we had a great time.
Thank you!

Wishing Ray and Liz the very best!!

Thanks to Tasha Owen for the great photos.

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