Sunday, October 4, 2009

Planning a Wedding at the Woodland Park Rose Garden and Zoo

Kent and I live near the Woodland Park Rose Garden and Zoo so we are always delighted to officiate there. Last week the Assocoation of Bridal Consultants (an organization we belong to)meeting was hosted by the Zoo.

There was a tour of the numerous places to wed on the grounds. On course, there is the classic wedding in the Rose Garden with the magnificent grand entrance from the gate around the fountain to the Gazebo. And the intimate Butterflies and Blooms or Jaguar Cove celebrations.

The Beech Grove offers an expansive lawn shaded from beech trees. We've also officiated at the Taiga Viewing Shelter and near the eagles, as well.

We are looking forward to officiating at several of the other sites: the exotic African and Thai Villages, the serene Elk Overlook and the Tundra Center. For more specifics, check out or contact Katie and/or Carol at (206)548-2590. They are both wonderful to work with!

The ABC meeting was also an introduction to Lancer Catering, and we were so impressed. Such an improvement in food quality and service. It was a great evening!

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