Friday, September 4, 2015

Live, Love, Laugh - Perfectly Describes Nikki and Andrew's Wedding

Love and happiness ~ so apparent with Nikki and Andrew.  The two wed at the Cedar River Watershed Education Center.

The wedding party was definitely up for celebrating.

The flower girls were cute as buttons!

The Nature Center is such a natural beautiful place.  It has a relaxed feel and reminds me of how amazing the world is.

How is this for a gorgeous setting.

Nikki and Andrew selected this reading to include in their ceremony.  It is by Lao-Tzu and is quite lovely.   
See Clearly
  your love is a great mystery.
It is like an eternal lake
  whose waters are always still 
  and clear like glass.
Looking into it you can see
  the truth about your life.
It is like a deep well
  whose waters are cool and pure.
Drinking from it you can be reborn.
You do not have to stir the waters or dig the well.
Merely see yourself clearly and drink deeply.

 Time for a sweet kiss.

Married!!  Life is looking good!!

Wishing the Mr. and Mrs. a long life, love, health and happiness. 

Thanks to Amy Neilson for her wonderful photographs.

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