Thursday, August 13, 2015

Alderbrook Resort Destination for Renee and CJ's Wedding

CJ and Renee wed at Alderbrook Resort this summer.  What an ideal spot!  The weather was gorgeous, the people joyous and the celebration in full gear. Plus, there was live South Seas music to get everyone in that tropical mood.

I like the trend of shades of one color with various bride's maid dress styles.  Of course, pinks and corals are very popular.

Do you think the guys were having a good time or what?

And check out the snazzy socks.  Seahawks colors for sure. (Yes, there is a tie in here.)

Isn't this an incredible view for a wedding?   Wow, mountains, the Hood Canal, and sunshine.  A
perfect day!!

Anticipation and excitement while awaiting the bride's entrance. Smiles all around.

Here's the grand overview.  Spectacular! 

Accept this ring as a symbol
  of my love and faithfulness. 

As I place it on your hands,
  I commit my heart and soul 
  to you.
Please wear it 
  as a reminder of the vows
  we have spoken today, 
  our wedding day. 

With this ring, I thee wed.

Married and happy!  What more can you say.

Well, actually, there is a lot to say.  All of it filled with joy.

I'm a tall person and so are Renee and CJ and their wedding party.

Wishing the bride and groom happiness and love neverending.

Many thanks to CJ and Renee's wedding team:
Planner:  Brittany Kukal
Photographer:  Matt Priestman
Florist:  Jody King Erickson

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