Saturday, November 1, 2014

An Organic Apple A Day -- The Perfect Wedding Favor

Rafe and Jamie recently celebrated their wedding vows at the Golden Gardens Park Bathhouse.

They selected these beauties - Arkansas Black apples - as their favors, which I absolutely loved. Besides, we are located in Washington State, a state known for its apples.

Jamie is allergic to most apples, but not the Arkansas Blacks.  She wanted to share her find with everyone.

And, they are beautiful, scrumptious apples ...  intensely red colored, solid textured, sweet/sour taste.  (I had one with breakfast today -- a bit of cinnamon, some kefir, walnuts and apple -- delish!)  Plus, they are organic.  (Since apples have more pesticide residue than any other food -- residue that doesn't wash off -- this is a very big deal.)

I'm sure you can see my very happy feet dancing all around our living room.

If you are planning a wedding ceremony as unique as these Arkansas Black apples, give us a call at 206.789.9788 or contact us through our website.

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