Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gluten Free Cakes Can Look Good and Taste Good!

Gluten Free Wedding Cake - Posted by Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant
Photo by Rebecca Ellison

ast week I was talking with my neighbor, Lachlan, who knows I prefer to eat gluten free.  He explained that he shops at the Ballard Farmers Market and that he met Phebe Ross, the founder of nuflours, a gluten free bakery, there.  He raved about the cakes and other baked goods.

Being Lachlan, the consummate networker, he offered to introduce us.  Within a few days, Phebe stopped by with a tasting box.  (All of a sudden, I found that Kent was very interested in GF cakes!)

Being a chocolate lover, the brownies and "oreos" called his name.  Thankfully, I got a taste before they were all gone.  The box also included chocolate cake, lemon poppy cake and carrot cake.

It is wonderful that there are more choices in GF wedding cakes.  And, such pretty ones!  
You might want to check out nuflours.  Give them a call at 206.395.4623.  And, if you are at the Farmers Market, enjoy a taste!

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