Sunday, November 10, 2013

Testimonial from the Mother of the Bride

Testimonial from the mother of the bride - Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Ceremony 

We are very fortunate and often receive wonderful words from the newlyweds after their ceremonies.  It is always a joy to hear and to read them.

Today, I opened my email and this is what I saw:

Hi Pat, I just wanted to comment on your ministering of Denise and Phil's wedding. I was impressed with your personal touches for them, particularly when they read the vows that would mean so much to them and for us to hear them say it to each other.   We were very happy with the rehearsal and the ceremony and making this a special memory for them and us too.    

Yes, kind words are so good to hear.  Thank you, Paula!  You helped make today a very good day!!


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