Friday, November 16, 2012

Engagement Stories - Love Them!

There are so many "love stories" ... and I enjoy hearing every one of them (which is a very good thing considering my choice of vocation!)

Meet Nate and JoAnn.  They will wed in September at The Sanctuary at Admiral.  When I asked about their engagement, here's what JoAnn said:

We met eight years ago at work (a market research company).  We began working more together so we became friends and talked to each other throughout almost all of the shift. I tell him the thing that really drew me to him was how comfortable he made me feel when we would talk. I could be myself and not worry what he was thinking or whatever. Eventually we went on a date and then the rest is history, I guess you could say :)

Our engagement! I love this story :) One day, Nate and I decided to go to Coulon Park (it's a park in Renton) to watch the sunset. Honestly, it wasn't out the norm to me because we've done that so many times in the past.  I would bring my camera to take pictures so it was always good practice for me. 

We like going there because we had our first kiss there and it's a nice park too. That night, when we got there, we had to wait for "our spot" to open up.  I didn't know why he wanted to wait so badly because this was in February, so it was cold (haha). 

Finally, the people leave and our spot opens up.  We sit down and we face the sunset. 

Our conversation is as follows:
Nate: Will you sit here with me, 50 years from now to watch the sunset?

Me: 50? Why not 49 years, or 60 years? (lol, we joke around like that normally so that's why I said that)

Nate: I might not live that long...

Me: Oh... Well of course I will!

Nate: But we'd have to be married first.

Me: Yeah, we do.

Nate: And we'd have to be engaged first.

Me: Yeah, that would help.

At this point he gets down on one knee.  In my head, all I can think is 'He's TOTALLY joking!' 

He sticks his hand in his pocket, and I'm still thinking he's joking, but then he brings out the box, shows me the ring and proposes! :)

This is a good proposal story, isn't it!  

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