Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to Plan a Wedding Ceremony Using Skype

Jeremy and Nanci live in Fairbanks, Alaska.  They decided to marry in Snohomish, Washington, so as many family members as possible could attend the wedding.  Kent, their officiant, is located in Seattle, Washington.  Everything worked out beautifully thanks to the phone, email and Skype!

I sent the collection of wordings for ceremonies to the bride and groom and they selected what was right for them.   Then, we had a planning session to make sure all would go well on their special day.

The two have adult children who they wanted to have a role in the ceremony so they decided on a sand ceremony.  
 "Just as the grains of sand are now blended, so are your lives joined. They are combined in such a way they can never be truly separated.  May the union and this connection between all of you bring greater happiness and love into all our lives."

The sand container currently sits nicely in their living room
and receives comments from visitors all the time.
Everything turned out so very well.  Here's what the Mr. and Mrs. though about the experience.
"We wanted an intimate, personal ceremony and assistance in writing our ceremony and vows.  After looking at a few sites and reading your website and talking with you in person, you two felt right for us.  It was clear you truly enjoy what you do.

The suggestion of the sand ceremony was perfect.  Our children loved it.  We truly felt the importance of what it meant to have three of them be a part of the ceremony. 

As a result of working with you, our ceremony was perfect for us!

We would tell couples interested in having you officiate for them that you genuinely are there to support and assist the couple, to make sure their wedding is everything "they" would like it to be ... and more!
                          ~ Jeremy and Nanci

Success!  A very happy couples, a very perfect ceremony.  Wishing Nanci, Jeremy and their children much happiness.

Thanks to Bill McNay for the photos.

Planning a wedding in Seattle but currently living elsewhere and looking for an officiant?  Give us a call at 206.789.9788 or contact us through out website:  www.aheavenlyceremony.com.  

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That is indeed very cool! The wedding turned out very lovely considering the process you've been through. Nice post! Congratulations!

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