Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aaron & Beth Wed At Laurel Creek Manor

June 21st was an amazing weather day. Kent and I set off from Seattle in sunshine, drove through Kent Valley in pounding rain, arrived at Laurel Creek Manor as things lightened up, and officiated Aaron and Beth's wedding ceremony during a sun break.

Beth and Aaron had their hearts set on an outdoor ceremony. Laurel and Kirsten had everything ready at the Manor for changes in the weather. As soon as the rain let up, the chairs were wiped dry, the table for signing the certificate was set up, and the music began. The guests were in high spirits!

After the story of "Seatown Guy" and "Greenlake Girl" was told, the couple exchanged heartfelt vows, touching the hearts of all there. Lyla Ross, their sister-in-law, presented a poem by e e cummings, one of the couple's favorite poets, and Dawn Isaac read "Love is Friendship Caught on Fire." Aaron and Beth were then blessed by their friends and family.

The porch was the favorite place to hang out during the evening. A great place to relax and take in the fresh air.

And there were so many romantic places to exchange a kiss!

The evening was mild, the perfect temperature to dance the night away!

A rose petal shower saw the bride and groom off to their wedding night. Smiles everywhere.

After having Pat officiate such an intimate ceremony celebrating our love story, it's hard to believe she was a stranger to us just eight months ago!

Pat graciously came into our lives, eager to know our story, and understand our unique wishes for our wedding day.

We couldn't have asked for someone more graceful, professional and patient to walk us through the process of planning our ceremony, and ultimately oversee our becoming husband and wife.

Just days after our wedding I had an engaged friend ask me how to get ahold of Pat to see if Pat might officiate her wedding. Pat and Kent both have such passion and heart for what they do - we offer the most esteemed recommendation for their services.
Beth and Aaron, wishing you all the joys of married life!!!

Many thanks to Jennifer and Scott of Red Fish Blue Fish for these wonderful photographs, to Bamboo Beats for keeping the evening alive with music and to Laurel Creek Manor for hosting such a great start of summer!

Creating a ceremony that acknowledges special days - the summer and winter solstice, the spring and fall equinox, national holidays and personal anniversaries - adds another dimension to the wedding day. Contact us at
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